Maintaining and protecting your child’s smile is just as important as achieving one. Our practice provides treatments that are designed to prevent cavities, strengthen enamel, and protect from damage. You can rest easy knowing that we are looking out for your child’s health.

X-rays and radiographs are used to get a clear view between teeth and under the gums to detect problems that may not be easily visible through a simple exam. This process is simple and non-invasive.

We recommend dental cleanings every six months for children and adults. For children, we take this time to not only clean the teeth properly but to help the child learn better oral hygiene in a fun and friendly way. Regular home brushing and flossing routines are important for healthy teeth. The dental hygenist can remove tartar and buildup that you cannot remove through regular brushing alone, so it’s important to stay on schedule with your cleanings to maintain a healthy smile.

At Geneseo Orthodontics & Pediatric Dentistry, our staff is trained to work with children of all backgrounds. For special needs kids, there can be some special care needs or concerns. Rest assured that our staff is trained and fully prepared to administer your child’s dental treatment while honoring their individual needs. For a lot of kids, an excess of stimulus can be upsetting. We work with parents to help create the most comfortable and fun environment for your child so that they think of the dentist’s office as a place to look forward to and never a place to fear.

Sealants are an excellent way to prevent cavities. This simple procedure puts a sealant, or protective layer, over your child’s tooth. The process protects the tooth’s surface so that it’s less likely that your child will get cavities.

Fluoride treatments are used to help strengthen your teeth and prevent decay. We might also prescribe fluoride toothpaste if we see that the child is prone to cavities or that there are already signs of decay but no immediate need to fill a cavity. We can talk to you about how to use fluoride toothpaste safely at home, and the treatments in the office are always delivered with great care.