Braces for adults is more common than ever before. In the past, adults were considered too old to get braces. However, because of the many braces alternatives available, the old stigmas about wearing braces are gone. Now, adults feel more comfortable wearing braces for as long as needed to correct their smiles.

How Much Do Braces Cost?

The cost of braces varies considerably and is highly dependent on what kind of braces you get. Furthermore, there are some kinds of braces that can be paid for on monthly terms. Also, many insurance providers help to cover the costs of braces for adults. The best way to determine how much braces for adults will cost your family is to speak to your insurance company and to get a quote from your orthodontist, Dr. Mike. The pre-treatment quote will enable you and your insurance company to determine what will be paid for and what you will be responsible for. In this way, you can create a budget ahead of time that will be manageable for you and your family.

Am I Too Old For Braces?

Many adults are not too old for braces, with some exceptions. At a certain age, it probably no longer makes sense to spend the time and effort on braces. Also, if your teeth and gums are not in good health, braces may not be an appropriate solution. Your orthodontist will have further insight on whether or not braces make sense for your individual situation. However, you don’t need to be in your teens to get braces, either. Braces for adults make sense when there is some underlying problem with the alignment of your teeth, your bite, or certain other issues. And adult teeth can be shifted into proper position with adult braces. So talk to your orthodontist so the two of you can decide if braces for adults makes sense for you.

Why Should Adults Get Braces?

There are many circumstances when adults really should get braces. For instance, if your smile is negatively influencing how you interact socially, your self-confidence or how others perceive you, then you should certainly consider braces. Also, perhaps your adult teeth have shifted into a poor position due to illness, accident, or some other reason. There’s no reason you should suffer from a misaligned bite just because you’re an adult. Another reason to get braces as an adult is that when your teeth don’t fit together properly when you bite down, there may be an increased risk for jawbone deterioration or tooth loss in later years. These are just some of the more compelling reasons to talk to an orthodontist about getting braces as an adult.

How Long Do I Need Braces?

In the past, when metal braces were all that were available, teens typically wore their braces for two years. As an adult, even though there are more options for the kinds of braces you get, you may have to wear your braces for longer than two years. This is because adult teeth have stopped growing. Adult teeth are more set in position, and less able to be shifted into new positions. Many adults who wear braces find that they need to wear them anywhere from 18 months to three years. In addition, it’s likely that your orthodontist will ask you to wear a retainer part-time in order to keep your teeth from moving back into their old position.

What Type Of Braces Should I Get?

There are so many more options when it comes to types of braces now. There are still metal braces, which are just as effective as before. In fact, metal braces offer one of the best ways to shift teeth into proper position. However, many adults desire a more low-profile type of braces. One option is Invisalign, which is a removable device that is very discreet. From a distance, a person may not even know you’re wearing the appliance. Another kind of braces is made of clear plastic instead of metal, which is also very low-profile. Keep in mind that the removable appliances known as Invisalign may only be appropriate for light to moderate dental issues. For severe teeth alignment options, you’ll still need something like traditional metal or clear braces, in addition to other appliances like retainers. Your orthodontist will guide you as to what your best options are.

If you are an adult and your teeth are out of alignment or you are experiencing jaw pain because of the position of your teeth, you should definitely consult with an orthodontist. No one is going to judge you in a bad light for getting braces for adults. In fact, most people will applaud your diligence in taking care of your health and appearance. To learn more about what orthodontic treatment can do for you, please contact Dr. Mike today.